The concert focuses on the rebetika songs that were composed and performed by musicians such as Genitsaris, Vamvakaris, Hiotis and Tountas during a decisive period in modern Greek history: the turbulent years of the 1940’s; specifically the times of the Greek-Italian war, the German occupation and the subsequent resistance, liberation and civil war that followed. Despite the hardship and numerous restrictions imposed, the rebetes continued to compose and perform songs being in tune with peoples’ situations. In doing so, the rebetika written during these years – often ignored in favour of the ‘elafra’ (light) that dominated in the period – celebrate, mourn and support the morale of the fighting Greeks. It is the power of this music to express peoples’ concerns, sentiments, frustrations and hopes in beautiful melodies that we want to bring to the fore. The concert will be accompanied by audiovisual material.

Manolis Taouxis: bouzouki, vocals
Spyros Bolovinis: bouzouki, tzoura, baglama, vocals
Andreas Papapetrou: piano, accordion
Lydian Dhami: double bass, vocals
Kostas Voros: guitar, vocals