RORY MCLEOD is a generous, hardworking, lyrical performer – whose mission is to carve new roads, keep memory alive, and to take his audience on a journey – emotionally, physically and musically on large and small stages.
Rory is an enduring and internationally popular performer who has now chosen to work with other musicians of quality who are successful in other genres, but sympathetic to his vision.

Rory McLeod & The Familiar Strangers‘ present Rory McLeod’s songs in a fresh and exciting new musical environment and bring a musical depth and range to compliment Rory’s outstanding talents as wordsmith and to match his engaging and earthy performing qualities:

Diego La Verde Rojas – Columbian Harp, Cuatro
Bob Morgan – Clarinet, Saxophone
Richard Sadler – Double Bass
Rory McLeod, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Spoons, Tap shoes.

The wonderful new sounds of ‘The Strangers’, straddles the borders of Folk, World, soul, Jazz and Latin.