Fronted by lead singer Lauren Bjelde and keyboardist/accordionist Jesse Lemme Adams, Royal Jelly Jive take inspiration from the very San Francisco streets in which they live and pen dynamic silhouettes of everyday neighbourhood characters, falling in love, and ultimately standing up for who you are and what you believe in. This is where the title of their sophomore full-length studio recording, Stand Up, is born. The album was produced by GRAMMY Award-nominated Andrew Zweers and Judy Kirschner (Santana, Joe Satriani).

The duo of Lauren and Jesse are visiting these shores for a few select shows to gently introduce the UK to the irresistible vibe of the Royal Jelly Jive!

“Royal Jelly Jive create exciting musical earworms that can light up a dancefloor or accompany a pleasureful night of gin cocktails.” –

“Bjelde’s remarkable voice manages to be brash and vulnerable at once, with a sassy sexuality continually informing each syllable.” –Live For Live Music

“Fans of jazz, smokey piano bars and sensual songstresses alike should find themselves in love with this album.” –Live For Live Music