SARAH JANE SCOUTEN: Sarah Jane Scouten posesses “an agile voice, ruminative songwriting, and love for classic country, indie pop, and everything in between.” (American Songwriter) “Drawing upon traditional melodies that almost biologically are instantly singable, but combining them with emotions, sentiments and stories that are relatable even now. Stan Rogers was able to do it, Ron Hynes was able to do it, Kate McGarrigle was able to do it – and Sarah Jane Scouten is able to do it.” Tom Power, CBC

ADAM BEATTIE: Having roots in Scottish folk music, as well as a lifelong interest in old time jazz, blues and other folk styles, Adam Beattie’s music spans many genres, but is all held together by his distinctive voice and narrative lyrics.
A great ear for melody and a natural talent for lyric writing” Bruce MacGregor,BBC Radio Scotland