SCOTT MULVAHILL: Frontman. Singer-songwriter.  World-renowned upright bassist. Multi-instrumentalist.  Scott Mulvahill is leaving his unique mark on the intersecting worlds of Americana, bluegrass, folk, jazz, rock & roll, and roots music.  Raised in Houston, Mulvahill cut his teeth as a member of Ricky Skaggs’ acclaimed band, Kentucky Thunder. The group toured internationally for five years, backed by the bottom-heavy pulse of Mulvahill’s upright bass. Along the way, he also composed music of his own, shining a light on the genre-jumping influences — Paul Simon’s sophisticated pop, James Taylor’s folk, Jaco Pastorius’ innovative jazz, and more — that would eventually inspire the material on his 2018 solo debut, Himalayas. His performances as part of Skaggs’ nightly shows laid the brickwork for Mulvahill’s transition from hotshot sideman to compelling frontman.
Encouraged by musical mentor Bruce Hornsby, Mulvahill developed a unique approach to his songwriting — one that mixed his chops as an upright bassist with hook-heavy melodies and compelling narratives.  A true “musician’s musician,” Mulvahill fills his solo debut with complex fingerwork and innovative progressions. At the same time, Himalayas is a song-driven record that focuses its attention not upon Mulvahill’s virtuosity, but upon the sheer listenability of his material. This is acoustic-leaning roots music of the highest caliber, shot through with elastic vocals, dobro, fiddle, and the honest, biographical lyrics of a songwriter who gave up an enviable position in Skaggs’ band to pursue his own muse.
“I wanna go over where I’ve never been,” he sings during the sparsely-decorated title track, one of several tracks to deal with the universal themes of facing one’s fears, taking leaps, and chasing down new horizons. Those messages are reflected in Mulvahill’s own career, as he pioneers a sound centered upon his voice and upright bass.  “As important as the bass is to the sound of my music, it’s not a crutch,” he says. “To me, the songwriting, the voice, and the message are what really matter.   2020’s “Creative Potential” and 2021’s “Surrounded” EPs have found him taking those leaps while keeping true to the core of his musicianship, songwriting, unique concept of artistry.  For a lifelong musician like Scott Mulvahill, the climb is never over.



MIA MORRIS: Mia Morris is a rock songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Mia’s first love was the drums and that’s where she does her best work–behind her standup kit, front and center for live performances. She showcases her power through her singing, playing and in her lyrics. SInce moving to Nashville in 2017, she has become well known as a touring musician and as an artist & writer. Mia also did some producing for other artists in 2020 while touring and live shows were put on hold along with being featured in American Songwriter as a notable composer. Mia has co-written and recorded projects with dozens of hit songwriters and well known artists that include members of The All-American Rejects and Fountains Of Wayne. She knows what she wants to hear on the songs she writes, so she produces and plays all the instruments on her releases. Her musical influences are evident in her work, which include Jack White, Yungblud, CAKE, The Beatles, Fountains Of Wayne and Gwen Stefani.

Deemed a “drum prodigy” by other professional musicians, she backed up over 120 artists as a percussion side-woman in 2019. As a 13 year-old Mia Morris gained the attention of millions after releasing near-flawless drum covers of hard rock tracks like Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” on YouTube. After two years of side-man, gig and session work for hundreds of artists, Mia focused on writing, co-writing and recording as an artist. She’s written more than 125 songs for both herself and other artists and released over 30 songs which are available anywhere music is found online. In addition to the drums, Mia plays the piano, bass, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, cajon and melodica and can be seen on all of those instruments and more on her more than 100 videos available on YouTube.