Sefiroth is an international collective of musicians founded by brothers Nick and Alex Roth to explore and reimagine traditional Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish) repertoire for contemporary audiences. Sung in Ladino, these ancient songs weave timeless stories of love, loss and yearning for home, evoking the lands in which the Sephardic diaspora settled: Iberia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The group’s arrangements are as porous and wide-ranging as the history of the Sephardim, combining acoustic and electric instruments, improvisation and trance-inducing rhythms.

Following the release of its debut EP Arboles Lloran por Lluvia, Sefiroth staged a multimedia theatre show bringing its experimental arrangements to life through dance, digital projection and production design. It was hailed as “absolutely incredible” (Musicians Benevolent Fund), “striking and innovative” ( and “flawless… an incredibly fascinating collaboration between music, dance and digital media” (

This trio performance features Alex Roth (guitar), Shirley Smart (cello) and Alice Zawadzki (voice, violin).

“Magical. Intense. Beautiful” – London Jazz News
“Explores the spaces between the sounds as much as the notes themselves… like abstract painting with music.” –

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