We are all in the basement, but some of us are looking up at the stars… Stargazing is all about spotting those stellar new artists and giving them a place to shine each month. Expect some unlikely constellations where talent might be the only thing they have in common. And all from the subterranean comfort of the charming Green Note basement.

Tonight featuring The Flowing + Michael Sheldon

The Flowing are a folk band hailing from Medway, gigging in and around the South East and beyond. Their sound is a mixed up combination of traditional and contemporary folk, blues and Americana, combining layers of vocal and instrumental harmonies with honest, frank lyrics. Comprising of four members who play guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, violin, French horn, accordion, oboe and sing, their first studio album, Talk About Wonder, showcases a tapestry-like sound and tells stories that interweave the mundane with the fantastical.

Shanty folk with elements of skiffle, psychedelia, flamenco and a distinctive sonorous voice.
The songs have been written spanning nearly two decades from the carefree years growing up as a teen by the seashore on the Wirral to the incredible hardship and loss from operational tours in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines Commandos. They cover the highs and the lows from life in the forces to starting afresh in civvi street and every stepping stone along the way.