We are all in the basement, but some of us are looking up at the stars… Stargazing is all about spotting those stellar new artists and giving them a place to shine each month. Expect some unlikely constellations where talent might be the only thing they have in common. And all from the subterranean comfort of the charming Green Note basement.

Tonight featuring… Tilly Dent + Joss Malcomson


Tilly Dent: Tilly Dent writes lyrically-driven melodic pop music. By mixing an impressive vocal elasticity with intricate fingerstyle guitar, his songs and sound take you into his inner-world. Influenced by 90’s singer-songwriters like Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, Tilly composes songs which are both complete melodic ideas, whilst remaining vocally open to improvisation and emotional dynamism in a live setting.

Joss Malcomson