SupaLung is an Alt Indie-Rock outfit composed of singer-songwriter Sam Brookes alongside multi-instrumentalist, producer Pete Josef.

The duo met some years back on the burgeoning Bristol music scene; being fans of each others work they ended up becoming great friends. Brookes was actually helping Josef build a studio at his home when they decided it was time to combine their love for songs & making records.

Brookes was ready and armed with a vibrant bunch of demos to record his fourth solo album.

It was clear from the start that this album was a leap across the pond from his previous solo works, Brookes wanted to express himself in this new world of song & sonics under

As the process began a sound started to emerge that Brookes & Josef felt would make an adventurous and exciting debut album a journey that lead Brookes to the inception of Supalung.

The name Supalung is inspired by and pays homage to Terry Reid aka superlungs, one of the UK’s finest rock singers from the mid 60’s.

The group describe their upcoming music as joyous, melodic and experimental.

In their own words: “We wanted to draw from all of the great music across time that we love and put it into this album. The keystone was Joy – if it didn’t make you smile, send shivers of excitement or fill your eyes with joyous tears then we double-backed and started again.”

“Making this album was was a real joyous adventure but the real excitement now is releasing the music and playing live shows. Throughout making this record the excitement about playing these songs live continued to inspire us to create more music. We cannot wait to connect with people at gigs and festivals.”

I’m Alive comes out 29th march on KiAn Projects.