Thu 29th September 8:00pm
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£ 10.00

Suzanne Noble: Do you know your jelly roll from your succotash? When was the last time someone creamed your wheat? These widely used expressions featured in the earliest blues records known as ‘dirty blues’, which became popular in the 1920s and 30s, when singers, mainly women, used them to address the sexual and social taboos of the day.

Come along for a fun and steamy performance with tunes such as ‘Press my Button, Ring my Bell,’ ‘Kitchen Man,’ ‘My Handyman’, and many others performed by vocalist Suzanne Noble and pianist George Webster. Hear tales of many of the day’s performers, such as Ethel Waters, Alberta Hunter and Bessie Smith, who ruled the jukeboxes of the day.

A perfect evening for a date night or with a group of friends! It’s going to be hot hot hot!