Thu 24th March 8:00pm
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Suzanne Noble and pianist/arrange Paul Maguire perform dirty blues from the ‘Ma Rainey’ era when such luminaries as Rainey, Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, and other far less notable entertainers filled the airwaves, selling records in their hundreds of thousands and creating the earliest form of blues music.

Their songs were filled with sexual longing, cheeky innuendo, and often violence, foreshadowing popular singers like rapper Cardi B (and her hit song WAP) by nearly a hundred years. These were women who lived life on their own terms, made clear in songs such as ‘My Handyman,’ ‘Empty Bed Blues,’ and ‘Kitchen Man,’ for example.

Suzanne and Paul will take you on a musical journey through this forgotten period of musical history from the 1920s to 40s and the start of the jazz and early R&B era. Or as Suzanne puts it, “Sex, lies, and heartache because, let’s face it, love is over-rated.”

Suzanne Noble returned to singing four years ago after a 30 years absence, having performed jazz and blues in her youth as part of a three-piece acapella group ‘The Dirty Blondes’ and session singer.

Brought up in the West Country, Paul took piano lessons at an early age. Boosted by his father’s record collection, the 50s was a time of enrichment musically above all in American jazz and blues.

As a teenager, he played in a New Orleans style band (at the time known as ‘trad’), then a dance band and rock group (more American influenced). Then into a 50-year career as a pianist/arranger. He has worked extensively in the theatre, TV and radio, notably on the Two Ronnies (BBC TV) and West End shows. He is delighted to be resuming and accompanying the accomplished.

“A cross between Bette Midler, Joan Rivers, and every single female wild child you have ever seen from the vaudeville scene.” Nikki Lamborn, Never the Bride

“Vintage 1920s bawdy blues from the songbooks of Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter & co. The highlight for me was Noble’s excellent version of Georgia White’s I’ll Keep Sitting On It. Picked up some fascinating historical info from her between-songs chat too.” Paul Slade