Kalia - Event 7JuneKalia presents the urban and folk music of Crete along with her own songs. Her quartet comprises of Vassilis Chatzimakris on the Cretan lyra and mandolin, Nikos Ziarkas on Cretan laouto and electric guitar, and Theodoris Ziarkas on double bass. Kalia joins them singing and playing nay, thiaboli, mandoura pipes and daoulaki.

For this exclusive concert the quartet will perform tabachaniotika, traditional Cretan songs and dances, as well as original compositions. Tabachaniotika is considered the rebetika of Crete, an amalgam of Eastern Mediterranean music with the native folk music of the island.

This concert is a unique opportunity to hear this lesser-known branch of rebetiko, with songs of love, life and existential grief.

– vocals, nay, thiaboli
Vassilis Chatzimakris – lyra, mandolin
Nikos Ziarkas – laouto
Theodoris Ziarkas – double bass

What is Rebetiko: Rebetiko is the music of an urban sub culture of musicians called “rebetes”. Although they openly emerged in Greece in the 1920’s, rebetiko music is a rich synthesis of music from all over Greece that expresses the pain and suffering of the people at the time. In a heartfelt way of reflecting life, these songs can be full of humour and profound beauty.

Rebetiko Carnival 2016: The Rebetiko Carnival will be taking place throughout the month of June to celebrate the music of rebetiko. It will bring together people from different backgrounds and nationalities through their common love for this music, performing concerts and providing workshops.
Outreach work for people with special needs, the elderly, and participants in hospitals is a huge part of the festival. Providing access to the music for those who are not able to attend. We will also be working closely with schools to promote awareness of the music and its culture to children, in turn helping them to create their own bands whilst also giving them the opportunity to perform in the festival.