THE BASEMENT SESSIONS at Green Note is a monthly night, filled with brilliant up-and-coming artists that you need to hear. Set in the intimate Basement space within this much-loved venue, you’ll hear the best of what the UK acoustic scene has to offer!

This month featuring…. Therese Ramstedt + Karim + Hannah Jackson

Therese Ramstedt
Therese Ramstedt is a writer, singer and performer striving to share the untold stories of ordinary people through tragicomedy, humour and a big pinch of self-irony. Musically, Therese draws upon a number of influences and inspirations spanning anything from French chanson and folk to musicals and twee pop.
Since 2014, Therese has sung with leading alternative choir London Contemporary Voices and it was through the ensemble that she first met composer and arranger Knut Olav Rygnestad. Last year, Therese and Knut initiated their project “Songs of Eternal Desire” – putting music to poems by renowned Swedish poet Karin Boye. Knut has composed a range of what could be described as neo-classical works inspired by Boye’s artistry – some of which will be performed tonight by Therese and pianist Freya Lily (who released her debut EP in March 2017). These “songs of eternal desire” will ultimately form part of a performance work comprising sung poetry, storytelling and physical theatre, as well as be recorded for public release in 2017.

Karim writes songs trying to catch thoughts from their core: with simplicity, his tunes resemble poems in which words blur and diverse sensations melt together in synesthesia. Karim likes to sit at the piano and play songs about the present, the past, melancholy, a smile. He has just released his first EP entitled “Waking On A Stranger’s Bed” and is promoting it playing some acoustic gigs in London.

Hannah Jackson
Hannah is a 23 year-old singer/songwriter from Glasgow. Her music fuses folk and soul, and she plays both piano and guitar in her sets. Hints of Laura Marling and Eva Cassidy can be identified in her performance. Her debut EP ‘The Day That I Loved’ is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. Most notably, she has performed her material at the ‘Scotswoman of the Year Awards’ two years in a row.