The Bushwick Book Club takes humdrum book reading to a new level.”  The New York Times
The Bushwick Book Club employs the talents of local songwriters and artists who plumb the depths of a chosen literary gem to create that rare and beautiful thing – a new song (or visual art, dance, film or snack). We then gather together to perform these creations at a live show.
Come joins us to see the different artistic responses to Dr Seuess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, get in the festive mood, and nibble on some book inspired treats!
Co-hosted by Amanda Thorpe and Georgina Jackson, the lineup includes Sasha Osborne, Amanda Thorpe, and Oli Weatherly amongst others.
Bushwick Book Club shows have garnered praise from publications such as The New York Times,The New YorkerTime Out NY, and the Village Voice (which awarded us a Best of NYC award for “Best Literary-Musical Crossover” in 2009).
Author Quotes about the Bushwick Book Club:
“The greatest honor I received from writing my book has been the BBC writing songs about it, very grateful!” – Amy Schumer (The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo)
“I was so honored that the Bushwick Book Club made music in response to my writing. All the arts are about communication — if one is to make grand summarizing statements — and to have two of the arts communicating with each other, prose and music, like birds in a tree in Bushwick, is a brilliant concept that the Bushwick Book Club has invented and continues to practice with great joy and exuberance and beauty. And to repeat myself — I’m so pleased that my writing caused this lovely group to burst into song. Because what’s better than bursting into song? Very little!” – Jonathan Ames (Bored To Death, Blunt Talk)