The Crooked Brothers’ take on folk, blues, and rootsy Americana can’t be said to be anything but their own.

Widely regarded as one of Canada’s top festival attractions, this will be a first major UK tour for the five-piece.

Practically a Crooked Family Variety Act, their concerts see banjos, mandolins, guitars – and much more – taking turns being juggled from brother to brother. A myriad of shades and textures is created.

The Crooked Brothers have toured in ten countries, played in nearly every province and territory in Canada, and have released three full length albums. They are coming over here to shake it all about and steal some hearts.

“Blackbird In The Snow could be my song of the year – it is perfection” – Jonathan Aird, Americana UK

“One of the finest slices of Canadiana you’ll hear this year” – Pop Matters