THE EGAN SISTERS: The Egan Sisters, born in London have been listening to the ‘greats’ of the Irish traditional music scene from childhood. Their music is from an aural tradition, heard, revised & reworked in an intuitive & holistic presentation that is refreshing, highly artistic & entertaining.

The Egan sisters deliver the re-working of old tunes and songs instinctively, nuanced and finessed. Sinead’s gentle chording and finger work allows the plaintive voice of Claire’s fiddle to be heard authentically.

Claire’s love of traditional music is influenced from a great legacy of music at home and from building on a powerful tradition of Irish music in London which has both, from her classical training and umbilical connection to the Irish music tradition, developed into a hugely skilful and creative refreshing regeneration of the old music, in artistic and subtle remastering.

Sinéad, a singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist has a credible repertoire of songs released on her first album entitled ‘For You’. She has been exposed to a great range of accomplished performers, some of which she’s supported, both global and of course the rich heritage of contemporary Irish song performers such as Dolores Keane, Mary Coughlan and Finbar Furey. Sinéad has a great gift of lifting her versatile voice and registers to meet her sense of the material being performed. Sinéad’s music shimmers with class and craftsmanship and she is an extremely gifted and versatile guitarist, singer, songwriter and accompanist.

Both sisters have released their own solo debut albums ‘Turning Tides’ & ‘For You’.

This will be their official launch as a sister duo and they will be performing and touring around Ireland, UK and USA in 2020. Through popular demand they are ready to delight you with their breath taking performance of music & song.

Claire Egan’s delivery is powerful, deeply expressive and explores a wide dynamic range — it immediately draws the listener’s ear” – The Irish Echo, USA

“Sinead’s music reveals emotions that are honestly coloured and softened by shades of reflectiveness in her voice tonality, instrumental and lyrics. Her music is fearlessly rooted in the ‘now’ of her own era, while beautifully embracing the best of her own tradition.” – Irish Music Magazine