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The Emily Askew Band formed to fuse Emily’s passions for Medieval and Renaissance melodies/songs and modern folk styles. Emily has had a successful career in both Folk (Askew Sisters, Alma, Ceilidh Factor and the Elizabethan Session) and Early Music (The Artisans, Shakespeare’s Globe, Glyndebourne, The Dufay Collective, Joglaresa, Mediva and the Medieval Babes). Being an multi-instrumentalist playing vielle, shawm, bagpipes, recorders and medieval harp, Emily wanted to explore the possibilities of mixing these unusual sounds with modern instruments.

The band bring together singer/guitarist/fiddler Jamie Roberts (Gilmore Roberts, The Dovetail Trio), fiddler/viola d’amore playing John Dipper (English Acoustic Collective, Methera, Dipper Malkin and Alma) and percussionist Louise Anna Duggan.