The London Bluegrass Band brings together some of London’s finest bluegrass musicians in a collaborative arrangement inspired by the Transatlantic Sessions. Their repertoire covers some of the best American music, from the bluegrass standards of Appalachia to classic country hits by Johnny Cash and Don Williams. All of the songs have stood the test of time through decades of playtime in bars and honky tonks from Tennessee to London and are sure to deliver a thoroughly satisfying dose of timeless music.
Hailing from bands such as the Rigmarollers, Midnight Skyracer, The Vanguards and Lunch Special, the group includes:
Jack Baker – mandolin, guitar
Vivian Li – ┬ámandolin, vocals
Chris Lord – banjo
Ewan Penkey – bass, vocals
Luca Serino – guitar
Cedric Thorose – dobro, vocals
Leanne Thorose – ┬ámandolin, vocals