THE LONDON DJANGO COLLECTIVE was born out of the desire to create a local and innovate forum for musicians influenced by the musical legacy of Django Reinhardt. The Collective remains in the spirit of Django, whilst pushing the genre of gypsy jazz  forward into the vibrant London jazz scene.

The London Django Collective are self releasing 5 two track EPs in between October 2019 and Febuary 2020. Each EP is led by a member of the collective, showcasing their own take on how this vibrant European style of jazz can be a springboard for new music. Gypsy jazz has always had a place in the hearts of revivalists and traditionalists but the London Django Collective have a vision of true progression for the style whilst nodding to the great musicians who came before them.

‘Volume 4-Kourosh Kanani’ is out January 5th 2020 and features music written by Kourosh influenced by his Iranian roots and his love of Django.