HANK WANGFORD invites y’all to come to the Green Note and celebrate the release of Holey Holey his Troublesome Tenth Album!

Feat. Hank with Twin Basses Spanner Robinson & Lord Kevin Foster

Get Down into the Bassment with the Wangford Bass Combo!

The Bass Combo is an exploration of the reverberant lower depths of Country music.

The best way of navigating the dark underbelly of Country is with the thump and thud of twin bass guitars drilling their way through sad songs of lost love, breakups and betrayal, the malignant glue of relationships and the sticky end of the divorce court.
Singing songs from the Dark Side of life is so much better down in the shadowy sonic world below 150 Hertz.

Hank Wangford, the grizzled Godfather of British alt. Country, now in his 80th year, is joined by two members of his band the Lost Cowboys.

Kevin KillaHertz Foster, the Jaco Pastorius of Country music, is the bass player of the Lost Cowboys and ex- Doll by Doll. Spanner Subwoofa Robinson is the Chanteuse with the Cowboys bringing her heaven sent harmonies to Hank’s songs. Together the three explore Country from the bottom up, back to bass basics. The Bass Combo seeks to home in on the bass line, the unsung carrier of sad songs. When misery’s that deep, for a Boombastic Country experience it must be the Wangford Bass Combo.


holy holy holy from tony wadham on Vimeo.