London-based TUPELO UNCLES take the music of 80/90s alt country legends Uncle Tupelo and add an all-acoustic bluegrass/old-time feel. Look out for demon solos from the very talented Gary Bridgewood (fiddle) and Lyle Zimmerman (bouzouki and mandolin), with lead vocals/guitar from Jason Collins and double bass from Clarky, occasionally augmented by National slide guitar wizard Garry “Slide Guy” Smith.

THE VERKLEMPT FAMILY are the brainchild (well, maybe brainstepchild) of urban legend Tafkas Verklempt (a.k.a. north London roots reptile Lyle Zimmerman) accompanied by siblings Grumio (Gary Bridgewood), Hymie (Jamie Shaw), and Princess Anaesthesia (Lizzy O’Connor) Verklempt and their cousin Qarc Robóçan (Rob Corcoran). With Byrdsesque harmonies layered on lopsided time signatures and an unusual instrumental confection of bouzouki, cittern, mandolin, ubass and percussion, they make a racket somewhere between refracked Americana and the traditional music of alternative universes.