VICTOR & PENNY: With tight vocal harmonies, red-hot jazz guitar and a fiery ukulele, Victor & Penny craft clever original tunes and bring a modern voice to prohibition era jazz. When joined by their Loose Change Orchestra, this corset-tight quartet will make your heart pump and your feet jump! Celebrating a time when style mattered and class was king, Victor & Penny and their Loose change Orchestra impress and delight with charm and hot licks – they are “…an absolute rollicking blast.”

“The magic of live music is personified by Victor & Penny, their album just shines with the wonder of the coming together of musicians and audience. They say they are from Kansas but these two have New Orleans in their soul. Every time I play the record it’s always uplifting……..jazzing me down and lifting me up…making old timey music dance into this modern world ” Barry Marshall-Everitt