Fresh from a storming showcase at this years AMA’s in Nashville 31 Tigers and Black Cat Music are delighted to bring you…

FloydFest “On the Rise” winner and two-time Kerrville New Folk finalist Lizzy Ross and classically-trained virtuoso violinist Omar Ruiz-Lopez have joined forces to create the unforgettable new duo Violet Bell, complete with stunning harmonies, creative original songwriting and an exhilarating live stage show.

“Violet Bell have toured extensively throughout the country, earning fans with their fiery live performances, thanks in large part to the chemistry between Ross and Ruiz-Lopez.” – The Boot said “Folk, country and bluegrass… elements of classical, jazz, blues, and some psychedelic flair. The talent smacks you in the face it is so prominent. All the elements come together perfectly to form something that burns brightly..” – Harry Kaplan, Twangri-La

“Making the best possible use of the atmospheric, captivating vocals of Lizzy Ross, Durham folk duo Violet Bell puts a vaguely avant-garde twist on traditional roots music, suggesting the lovely but slightly askew early John Cale releases. Garnished with beauty but fraught with an underlying menace, tunes like “Dream the Wheel” underscore the interplay between Ross and multi-instrumentalist Omar Ruiz-Lopez.” – IndyWeekly

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