A new set of songs, with some more new translations by Noonie Minogue.
An evening of the most beautiful poetry from Greece set to music. Poetry of protest, rebellion, love and hope. With the album “Epitaphios” where Theodorakis set the heart breaking poetry of Ritsos to music using musicians and instruments born from the rebetiko era the barrier between underground music and “high art poetry” was broken. The collaborations that then followed between composers such as Markopoulos, Hadjidakis, Moutsis, Andrionopoulos, Tranoudakis and poets like Seferis, Elytis, Cavafy, Ritsos, Kazandzakis, set in motion a body of song that has become a treasure of Greek musical and literary culture. Tonight PLASTIKES KAREKLES perform a selection of songs from many composers and poets, with a recitation in English of the poems by the wonderful Noonie Minogue.

Marina Deligianni-voice
George Stamatis-voice, guitar
Spiros Bolovinis-voice,bouzouki, percussion
Pavlos Carvalho-cello, bouzouki