New Roots presents… WHISKEY MOONFACE

To describe WHISKEY MOONFACE as an alternative folk group doesn’t even begin to do justice to the breadth of inspiration and style in their music.


Based around double bass (Dakota Jim), accordion (Louisa Jones) and clarinet (Ewan Bleach), they’re led by Jones’ superb vocals and gently hallucinatory lyrics. Capable of being both ear-to-ear-grinningly entertaining and profoundly moving, they combine elements of old-time New Orleans jazz, Eastern Europe folk music, the baroque/ chamber folk styles of the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Beirut, and the bacchanalian spirit of Tom Waits with their own unique take on contemporary roots music, to make for a superbly realised, truly beautiful, and utterly original sound.


There is simply no-one in the UK making music like Whiskey Moonface, don’t miss them.

NEW ROOTS is committed to promoting events that shine a light on up and coming talent in the UK alt-folk scene. It’s committed to providing artists with an environment that is sympathetic to what they do, giving musicians the respect they and their music deserves – for this reason we ask for no talking and no use of mobile phones while artists are performing. Our music policy comes from the kitchen table, the roots of public performance- intimate, acoustic based, high quality musicianship with as little interference between performer and listener as possible.

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