WILL KNOX is a born storyteller. With just a few words and chords he knows how to bring worlds to life. His music is influenced by the classic storytelling of Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon, the atmospheres of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake, and freshness from more recent artists like Fink and The National. The artist was born and raised in London, then moved to the US to hone his song writing craft, graduating from Berklee College of Music (Boston). Now residing in the Netherlands Will Knox has flourished as an award-winning songwriter, earning 5 Buma Awards and 1 ASCAP Award with credits on tracks totalling over 1 billion streams.


Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist MELLE captures the magic of music with honest  and organic sounding songs. With big passion he sings about love and loss, using memorable  melodies and very personal lyrics, often with a consoling message. Melle’s music can be  described as indie-pop or indie-folk. His repertoire varies from intimate, acoustic ballads that  are reminiscent of artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens, to energetic pop songs  sounding like Sam Fender and Ed Sheeran.

Melle has a huge collection of unusual instruments consisting of a tzouras, balalaika,  theremin, taishogoto, zither and many more of which he plays 23 different kinds on his  upcoming album. He believes that real, analog instruments always bring way more character  to a song than digital sounds. This analog vibe is also seen in his pictures and video’s, because  his biggest passion next to music is working with old-school, vintage camera’s.

Over the past few years Melle managed to turn quite a few heads with his achievements. He  won both the ‘Nobel Award Leiden’ and ‘Mooie Noten’, his single ‘On The Road’ made it into  Spotify’s Viral 50 NL charts, and his hit single ‘Run Run’ could not be ignored from the national  radio. It even made the first place in Radio 2’s V15 hitlist. On top of that he participated in the  Dutch traveling festival ‘Popronde’, where he became one of the most booked acts of that  year, opened for British singer Charlie Winston and sold out his own show at Cinetol in  Amsterdam.

After this Melle went back into the studio to write and record new music. Together with his producer Jurriaan JJ Sielcken he dived deeper into sounds and production than ever before.  This has made for wonderfully detailed and rich sounding album. It’s colorful, it’s optimistic. Melle defines his sound in his brand new single ‘Old Summers’. It’s a personal story about  nostalgic childhood memories and making the most out of life.


Doors open 7pm. Music starts 8.30pm. The venue is mixed seated and standing. Tables are limited and available on a first come first served basis so, if you’d like a seat, we recommend arriving early!